Jewel Green Courtyard Budget Cottages Aluva Kochi

Gem stone Green Courtyardbudget villas within just Kochi with luxury uses combining the urbane life style with the beauty connected with a natural retreat. Villas actually are beautifully located at Edyappuram Cochin in Kerala. Reasons for villa is very sound with shallow or Half a masonry. Walls are madeup of good quality valuable blocks or bricks. Physical wall are coated together with good quality cement mortar plastering and weather proofed. Internal wall are through with emulsion paint excellent putty surface. Grills and joinery coated with enamel yoghurt and pudding. Front doors are made by hard wood additionally internal door are cooked by hard wooden frame, home are decorated with unique picture, material used for your door are good excellent quality.

Front doors are designed by well experienced contractors. Antiskid ceramic tiles and designer tiles for bathing rooms and porch. Vitrified tile for bedrooms and area flooring. Windows are manufactured by good quality wooden wall hangings with MS grill glass panels. Beautifully laid out kitchen with granite work surface and stainless steel sit with drain board. Hard tiles above platform and height of cm. Amazing for washing machine as well as the refrigerator provided. Toilet retaining wall are ceramic glassed roofing shingles up to feet. Pvc material plumbing connections are furnished in the toilet. Involving space is provided the particular bathroom, water connection elements and exhaust fan supply is provided in every and every toilets.

Colored wash sinks matched to ground and wall. Eu closets, chromium lined pipe and baby shower are provided. We present the single stage and three place electrical connection in accordance with the customer need. Good copper conductor is used for electric and independent energy levels meter controlled merely ELCB & MCB. We are using PVC switch lap board basement. Light, follower points and next necessary plug information with modular use Crabtree.Bed switches displayed only for your master bedroom fan and bright. Drinking Luxury villas provided from KWA in kitchen.

Round the wall clock water supply all over sump and the queen’s tanks with waters drawn from to be honest for all opposite purposes. Telephone & TV connection shows in the get good at bed room in addition , drawing room. High-speed internet connection provides all the way through same manner. garden for child, health club facility, recreation launch plus efficient day as well as night security will also provided.